Rules for dating my son pinterest

Rules for dating my son pinterest

Rules for dating my son pinterest

Love him, respect him, but dont be all psycho-needy about. GO TO school, i dont expect you to have your whole life figured out rules for dating my son pinterest but I do expect you to go to school (and by going to school I dont mean smoking out on the grassy knoll near the track with your fellow ditch bitches).

Even the ones I didn't birth out of my body, but of my heart. Matter of fact, they are so amazing, I think we need to set a few ground rules for dating my son! Article Posted 7 years Ago. NO sexting, this is not a treat, but a promise: I will sneak into my sons room like a ninja and check his phone nightly for inappropriate sexts or naughty pictures so you best not be sending.

dont break MY sons heart, you breaka his heart, I breaka you face. My liking you makes you cool.

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respect ME AS HIS mother, you dont do tony and ziva ever hook up have to suck up to me for me to like you, but you do need to respect our familys values. I have sons, not daughters, and theyve got one over-protective Mama too!

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Tags: dating humor, dating my son, funny, humor, mom, mothers day, rules, rules for dating, rules for dating my son, son. Rules For Dating My Son, it's the hilarious, classic "rules FOR dating MY SON" list. Just be cool sister; be cool. dont make OUT IN front. I dont want to see whats going on between your legs and I certainly dont want to find out the hard way either. dont dress likloozy, i can and will judge your trampy book by its cleavage showing/bare midriff blazing/stiletto heel stomping/false eyelash wearing coverand so will everybody else. bady, for goodness sake, if you arent really a lady, at least pretend to be one around.

Dating Rules Date Me My Son Sons Guys Clam. I, and the rest of the planet, have seen this photo going around social media like wild fire the last few days.

Perfect for Mom's with dating son's everywhere! You and I may only ever agree on one thing: My son is the greatest young man in the history of the entire universe. So on social media here lately I have been seeing a lot of post on rules for dating my daughter but not very much on dating my son. . But you know what?

Rules for dating my son #RulesOfDating

dont YOU dare show OFF your thong.

Dating Rules for the 21st Century 15 Dating Mistakes You're Probably Making There's a all dating sites in denmark reason she's no longer interestedactually, a lot. Please save the drama for your mama; not my son. NO drama, hey, I was a dramatic teenage girl once upon a time too. cross your legs (AND keep them that WAY).

dont bpoiled brat, my son didnt save every monetary gift he ever received to blow it on you at Forever. If I have any say at all in the kind of ladies (note: I said whores from Kouvola municipality ladies) my boys bring home to date, they must follow mamas very simple rules. dont have tattoos, look, I dont mind tattoos per se but youre a teenage girl and right now that tat all dating sites in denmark is making you look like someone who doesnt give a about her parents. I decided to come up with my own for dating my amazing sons so listen up gals!

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