Dating my former student

Dating my former student

Dating my former student

Further, if " student " means that this student completed a thesis under OP's direction (and not just took a class from OP then this relationship is a lifelong one. I remember a college class which was required for all students in the college.

We got to know each other after she left and I really like her and she likes. In addition to being some of the most influential people in your life, teachers can also be your friends, especially when you graduate and that relationship is allowed to develop outside of the confines of the classroom. I hasten to add that none of these point to any clear ethical lapse or mistake on your part.

How police advice online dating do you prevent them from swarming you at the end of the period (HS)? When I signed up to be a college professor, I never agreed to limit my long-term life options in such a way. If you're talking about the relationship between a college student (or high school student ) and his/her professor, both people may very well be of age, but to avoid any inquisitions into the professor's questionable favoritism (he's not giving her good grades in exchange for. Comments, when you walk down the hall and hear a kindergartener scream "I'm going to kill every bitch up in this bitch and you're a bitch up in this bitch. However, you should be prepared for those in your department to find out that you are dating a former student, which could create a certain amount of push back. Even if you are 18, his dating a student where he teaches could get him fired. Up vote 5 down vote Assuming you are on the receiving end (it's also possible to read (3) as "despite my prior attempts I think this may be unethical only if you are accepting the relation knowing (or having reasons to suspect) that the datee.

If you date more than one former student, people may view you as using your classroom as a hunting ground for future romance. Both are highly respected in their field.

US Physics rant Made it through prep week and I already hate my team teacher 7 29 comments, what dirt are HSers up to at your school? 47 17 comments, if you have already worked 60 hours in one week and you are still required to go to an 8 hour training on Saturday, I feel like you should be allowed to answer all the trainers questions sarcastically. And of course, I'm assuming you're already 18, and that this is at a college or university instead of at a high school. Professors are asked to write letters of recommendation for former students. Many of these situations may very well be an older teacher, a respected authority figure, taking advantage of a much younger, more impressionable student.

What do you think of teachers dating former students

It feels like the longer Im a teacher the less I have to talk about with my friends who arent teachers. Even dating my former student if you tell them, they may not believe. Whether you're a teacher or a student, you still need to understand that the professor's job is to teach and to assign tests and projects to ascertain how well his students understand the material, and nothing more.

She hasn t been my student for 6 months. Up vote -5 down vote I guess it shouldn't be a problem, a famous example can be found here and here.

If it is small enough, people will probably ignore. Is an idea that makes some sense. A teacher dating a former student might get some weird looks, but there's really nothing wrong with. I just think it's more logical to wait until after any potential legal issues are no longer relevant).

Student and teacher after semesters done!

For instance: The one year gap between the student being in your course and your romantic relationship will not be apparent to all who know about the relationship.

I am 27, she. If dating my former student I am single, I reserve the right to pick off a member of society to be my mate. Inter-racial relationships, same sex relationships.

What are your thoughts on dress codes for school employees. Is it just me? Any kind of sexual relationship that occurs while a student is underage is obviously not just "wrong it is illegal. I understand that maturity varies drastically from person to person (a 17 year old may very well be mature enough to date a 25 year old but it's best to avoid legal complications whenever possible. The very notion that I must temporarily restrain myself from choosing such a relationship with the people whom I actively have direct authority over. Would it be a sensible expectation that a college professor should be required to seek a mate from among the less educated, or from a remote town?

I talk her when she was 21 in an adult Intensive dating mother and daughter at the same time English centre. If dating mother and daughter at the same time I've assumed incorrectly, all I can say is "stay away." If you're not 18, or if you're still in high school, dating a teacher could lead to his being accused of child abuse/endangerment or statutory rape depending on how far the relationship goes. And if that develops into a fulfilling relationship, that's great.

If it is large enough, a lot of people will try to figure out "Why is s/he dating him/her?" This will motivate them to find out that your romantic partner is your former student. What both of you decide to do outside of a professional environment is your choice, and I certainly have no problem with. 9 9 comments, serious What do you feel is the most important thing you can teach students and how do you go about promoting it in your classrooms? Up vote 6 down vote. As for teacher and ex- student friendships, I'm friends with several of my teachers on Facebook, though they were only permitted to accept our friend requests once we graduated. Otherwise you may consider social implications as other answers suggest, but behaving in accordance with social conventions has nothing to do with ethics.

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